13mm x 2.5mm x 170mm Brushed Oiled Engineered Oak Wood Flooring(Prime Grade)

Being the #1 for Engineered Wooden Flooring in the UK, We render the best quality product with the categories to decide from. Engineered Brushed Oiled has engineered brushed oiled finish available in the sizes 13mm x 2.5mm x 170mm and Fixed Lengths of 600mm – 2.2m. It is constructed as a single plank which combines 2.5mm Top layer oak and 10.5mm multi layer plywood. The Oak is micro-beveled on 2 sides using TG method for fitting. This flooring is suitable for living areas & kitchen, which can been fitted with the help of the secret nail, flooring adhesive or floating method. Marked with grade 'ABC', the product is basically originated from Europe. The stock is available in the pack size of 4.29
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Finish :

Uv Oiled

Construction :

Single Plank ? 2.5mm Top Layer Oak ? 10.5mm High quality multi Layer Plywood

Suitable :

Residential & Commercial Don't Recommend for Bathrooms

Profile :

6.5mm x 1778 x 1213mm

Fitting :

Secret nail ? Flooring adhesive ? Floating

Grade :

80% A Grade and 20% B Garde in a Pack

Pack size :


Size :

13mm x 2.5mm x 170mm; Fixed Length 80/20