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15mm x 4mm x 189mm Natural Lacquered Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

If you are looking to buy a floor for your house that has the essence of durability, along with good looks, then Nexus Flooring’s Engineered Wood Flooring is the best option for you.

Nowadays, engineered wood flooring is gaining popularity in the market because it is a combination of rare beauty and stability. Our  15mm by 127mm engineered lacquered oak has a top layer of 3mm thickness.

These Engineered floors are easy to install and offer great resistant to heat and moisture, which makes them an ideal choice for rooms where these factors might cause problem,as it happens with other kind of floors. Lacquering is a type of finish that makes the floor smooth and gives it the required shine.

Nexus Flooring’s Engineered lacquered oak is a rare combination in which the wood from the oak tree is engineered and lacquered to give it the ultimate appearance and strength. It is an ideal solution for those who want close to zero maintenance. It is resistant to almost all kinds of stains and damage.

Once we install it at your place, your floor will not require any additional treatment. In cases, where extreme kind of damage has occurred, lacquered engineered wood can be sanded and re-finished. It has one more extremely useful feature, which is, it does not expand or contract due to atmospheric or seasonal changes. So it minimizes problem of gaps appearing and disappearing.

Choose from a wide range of colours and give your interiors a stylish look, and have the best of the Engineered Lacquered Oak available in the market, from Nexus Flooring, today!

Finish :

Engineered Lacquered

Construction :

Single Plank ? 4mm Top Layer Oak ? 11mm 3 Layer Plywood

Suitable :

Living Areas & Kitchen, Under Floor Heating

Profile :

Tongue & Groove ? Micro bevelled on 2 sides

Fitting :

Secret nail ? Flooring adhesive ? Floating

Grade :


Pack size :


Size :

15mm x 4mm x 189mm; Fixed Lengths 1.2 meter ( 80% Planks )